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The Combat Strike Gamers TeamSpeak Server is not a mandatory push to talk server (PTT) .  Therefore it is extremely important to be considerate of those in the TS channel with you, minimize your background noise, and have your mic sensitivity level correct. We DO NOT wish to implement unnecessary rules on our community. By following these simple TEAMSPEAK ETIQUETTE GUIDELINES which is based on Courtesy and Respect then there is no need to make the Server PTT ONLY

  1. TeamSpeak Profanity-

    1. We are an ADULT community, so some profanity is expected,  HOWEVER be AWARE of who is in channel with you, some members have less tolerance for it. PLEASE self regulate the conversation based on your TS mates.

    2. IF you have an issue with the conversation level, please let your fellow =CSG= Members know.

    3. Also be aware that your conduct in TS is a direct reflection of our community and it may determine whether a public player decides to apply for membership.

2.     Photos-

a. All public photos/avatars will be appropriate for viewing by minors(15yrs of age) PG-13 rating.

3.     Minors-  [Regarding 1.a Teamspeak Profanity]

a.     =CSG= is an adult community but we try to be family friendly. We welcome family members on TS so we can all get know each other better. However if you let a minor on your TS to game with us, realize you do so at your own risk! There always exists the possibility of exposing that minor to adult conversation / language, which may or may not be appropriate for younger listeners. Please do not be upset with them if they are unintentionally exposed to adult conversation / language.

b.     When placing minors or any person other than a MEMBER on TS, let the members in that channel know of your intentions.  In addition, change your teamspeak name to reflect a different person (i.e LittleShooter), so that anyone joining TS will be aware of it. “Little” being the indicator as shown in this example.

4.     Push to Talk (PTT) Situations-   

a.     All TS channels labelled PTT are designated forced-push-to-talk so please have a push to talk key assigned when joining these channels.

b.     In any NON-PTT channel, as a common courtesy, members will avoid eating ANYTHING while their mic is active. You may not hear it, but everyone else hears you eat chips, crackers, pizza, or anything else, we can even hear you eat soup. This is considered RUDE even if you are not on TS.

c    Anytime that members make you aware that you have a hot microphone or excessive background noise, loud TV, kids, or even a fan blowing on you, Please switch your teamspeak client to push-to-talk setting out of common courtesy.

  1.     Bodily Functions-

    1. Please make every effort to mute your mic before you cough, sneeze, belch, or rip a big one. If you are not able to mute your mic prior to, then PLEASE remember your manners your Mom taught you and say, “Excuse Me”.

  2. Conflict Resolution-

    1. =CSG= is a growing community composed of many members with different backgrounds and personalities. As with any community in society, you should not expect each and every member to be best of friends. Some will, some won't, this is just a natural part of life.

    2. With the above in mind. At no time will a member disrespect, antagonize, or argue with other members while in an active TS channel. If you have any issue with any member you will be expected to handle it in an ADULT manner. Perhaps by Talking one on one in a private channel would be appropriate. You will not get along with each and every member 100%  of the time, this is just a fact.  As with any family, conflicts come and go, how you choose to deal with these conflict is a direct reflection of your maturity level. Think before you act out in anger or frustration.

    3. If you are made aware that you have an open mic or some other annoying TS noise issue, please attempt to adjust or fix your settings AS SOON as you are made aware of it.  If you are in the middle of a game, it may be necessary to exit/minimize the game to make the adjustments or you can mute your mic until you have the opportunity to make the proper adjustment. Please DO NOT ignore the request.

Copyright © by Combat Strike Gamers All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2013-01-16 (552 reads)

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