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#1: No icon WHAT IS EVERYBODY DOING THIS SUMMER? Author: Toad_KillerLocation: Kenosha, WI PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:59 pm
So I figured I would just say hey to everyone who I haven't chatted with in a while. My daughter got married in June and my son informed us he is having a baby in October or there about. So we figured we would be empty nesters and grandparents both in very short order.

I have been trying to get in as much as possible, even got a bit of high viz gear so the next time I am cut off by some texting ass that says they didn't see me, I won't be compelled to refrain from punching them in the mouth. Just kidding all you internet Nazi's who may want o shame me for saying something politically incorrect LOL.

Anyway I have pretty much stuck with BF4, been looking at ARK, but don't know how much time it requires as it seems feeding and training and building take a bit. Krew maybe you can shed some light on that or I will hop in your TS channel next time i see you.

Ok, so anyway, hope everyone is well and has a Safe and Happy Fourth of July.

Combat Strike Gamers -> General Discussion

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